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Beware the investment activity that produces applause..

Another great message to start the year on 🎉💌

Give me a yawn any day 🤭. In fact, the most successful investments I've done have been those low-risk, hold-long, let's call them BORING investments. Let me tell you sleeping is a lot more fun than losing £££!

Don't get me wrong I love a clap. If it's real. But with a new year comes a little, no A LOT of new hype:

😎 What's the new sexy strategy??

💰 How do I make boatloads of cash in the next few months, or, what the heck, INSTANTLY? 😂😳

🤠 Who's the new player in town? #ohdear #lonerangers

If it sounds familiar, with the same URGENT energy, it probably IS old news - just with a new BS edge!

Don't do it.


Sleep well tonight. You deserve it.

Need some scary bedtime investment stories? Visit Property Sisters YouTube (link in bio/comments) for nightmares you CAN avoid. Links in comments!

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