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International Womens Day

Never underestimate the impact of straightforward ideas.

I think one of the things which really halts progress when it comes to #breakingthebias is overcomplicating the action that can be taken! 🤪

Like overthinking, it can end up meaning no action at all 🏚 or stuck in a feeling that 'simple and achievable' isn’t enough 😞 #iknowthatone

So how about this.

If your intention really is aligned with seeing more equity in this industry and a balance of skills, there’s help at hand.

A new initiative called ‘Roadmap for Industry’ co-created by Michaela Wain @marketingmichaelawain - Spokesperson for Women in Construction - and the National Federation of Builders gives you everything you need to get started 🗣🙌🗺

Simple. Effective. Clear 🆙

You can download this brilliant roadmap NOW - link in comments - along with a pledge form to help you continue making change into the future.

This right here is why I was so happy to be asked to be a judge at the all-new Women in Construction awards coming up in September 2022 (Nominations still open until end of March btw! #applynow)

REAL progress, REAL opportunities.

If you want to break anything in this industry (other than the bank 😅) we’ll need to work #together.

Who’s with me?

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