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March PIN Article: Out Like Light

What super power would I have if I could choose? 🎁

The ability to choose exactly when to be able to sleep! 😴😂 (and how long!)

When I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) post my time on the trading floor, all I COULD do was sleep 😩

CFS demanded 20 HOURS of sleep from me per day, every day, for a period of about 18 months. People don’t believe me when I say that. 20 hours.

Sounds glorious to some!

But when it’s not a choice, it’s frustrating and worrying. Especially since in property, it pays to be alert. Not crazy, hypervigilant alert (I know that doesn't work for me!) but alert to be able to:

🔍 Spot flimsy legal 'guarantees' in a Shareholders Agreement

🔍 Ask all the questions I need answering in order to invest

🔍 See what's NOT there

There are a few reassuring 'legal' terms 🤔 which get bandied about in investment pitches we should pay particular attention to.

See my article in this month’s Property Investor News #pinmagazine for more!

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