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My Property World Podcast

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

It's been a while since Ive done a podcast! 🎧

I made a conscious decision to focus on paid speaking engagements over the past 6 months as #timeismoney

My Property World Podcast with Will Mallard

But when Will Mallard invited me on to his “My Property World” podcast, following in the footsteps of some top quality guests like Adam Lawrence, how could I refuse....?

Will is a social impact investor focused on English social housing portfolios and I nearing a century of podcast episodes!

In this first episode we talk about how I moved from Investment Banking and 15 hour days on a trading desk in The City to investing in property mainly through lending to SME developers in the UK and the highs and lows along the way!

Here’s some of the main talking points:

0.55 my background, education and

2.55 my early career on the FX trading floor at JPMorgan

4.33 my very first property in Covent Garden

7.11 being a female in banking

10.29 Health challenges - adrenal burnout, Chronic Fatigue and hypersomnia 😴

12.53 2008 - a life-changing year; the GFC and Lehman Brothers collapse

16.00 my favourite R word #risk

20.00 my favourite deal to date

25.20 some of my own Principles of Investing

Shout outs to CrowdWithUs, Shola Adeniran, Property Sister Co-founder ruth Hobbs #propertyelevator Property Investor News and Richard Bowser.

Connect with Will here:

#podcast #womeninproperty #womeninrealestate #speaker #propertysistersuk #keepingitreal

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