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Helen Chorley has been a very good advisor to the board of Oparo and is always up to date with the latest Real Estate and Peer-To-Peer trends. She has a way of thinking about things from another perspective that inspire one's own thoughts.

Toby Wilde, PropTech Founder of OPARO & Sprift

Skyscrapers Above Times Square at Dawn


Oparo’s more effective, efficient and disciplined approach to real estate investment

Oparo is the first algorithm driven real estate investment company in the U.K. Founded by a team with over 170 years of experience in Real Estate, Technology and Finance, Oparo specialises in direct real estate investment, more specifically the acquisition of financially stressed assets.


Oparo believes that the future of PropTech (PropTech 4.0) and Real Estate will be so much more than SAAS services. Future investment decisions will be made using algorithms and advanced levels of intelligent data. Understanding the interactions of all this data, and its excitements, will allow us to make quick decisions, and with a greater degree of certainty.

Joining Oparo in July 2019 as one of the Advisory Board Member on investment, strategybalance sheet and cashflow management.

I work with companies in an NED or board advisory role to give strategic input and insight from my many years in finance and investment. As a straight-talker I offer an objective candour which gives business owners a broader perspective and helps them to make better decisions

I have been involved in finance and investment for over 20 years, and the combined experiences gained on the trading floor of JP Morgan and running my own real estate investment company has given me a deep understanding of the financials behind the deals I invests in.

When investing in property, I've always belived that sometimes you are making decisions based on probabilities with asymmetric information and yet you need to decide whether to invest or not in a timely manner.

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