How I Help

If you’re wondering what a ‘hyperrealist’ is doing in a place like real estate, you wouldn’t be alone! This industry is, and has always been, a great place to find, shall we say, a bit of (a LOT of) BS. That’s why I help people on both sides of the deal - developers and investors - to avoid losing money and having a ton of stress to deal with. I’m not a guru; I’m not a property mentor either, I just keep it real and try to have as much fun as possible!

My experience in finance started on the trading floor of JP Morgan in the very early 2000s, a place I called home for over 10 years. There I learnt one key thing: before you can make some real money, you have to learn how NOT to lose it! While learning that, I simultaneously lost my health (not hard to imagine), which took me off the floor and into ‘passive’ investing where I built a portfolio of investment projects with a combined GDV of over £50 million. More active than I'd planned! Just without the red bull and the stress.

Here are some of the things I specialise in and speak on across the industry:


  • Consulting 1-2-1 with Property Developers to find their USP & attract the right investors

  • Deal clinics to identify real, investable projects

  • Sharing my holistic due diligence process, forged from over 20 years experience in investment

  • Teaching others the ‘red flags’ & how to recognise a real estate ‘shark’ when they see one

  • Show those in UK property how to be a tortoise not a hare, trust their gut & actually enjoy their property journey