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Helen is very well known in our industry as the go-to girl for all Due Diligence - there isn't much she doesn't know about this industry. She's professional, articulate and a fantastic speaker at events. Helen brings honesty and tenacity to the table in bucket loads and has a brilliant intellectual mind, she has my full respect for the work she does.

Ruth Hobbs, Director at Urban Sister Developments Ltd

Ruth Hobbs, Director of  Urban Sisters Developments Ltd
Analyzing Graphs

Experienced Property Developers

Experienced Property Developers

As a private investor, I work with property developers and help them by:


  • Funding their development projects

  • Sense checking numbers and doing risk and sensitivity analysis

  • Providing recommendations on how to present their projects to investors and help create classy investor packs

  • Providing advice on how to communicate with different kinds of HNWI and point out important things they are looking for in an investment

  • Help rehearse the different scenarios with them.

Overall, I provide recommendations, investment analysis and comparison to help them find the ideal property investor for their deals.

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