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Property Sister Michelle Bryant

Helen, is fast emerging as a very well respected influencer in her field, always conducting herself with utmost professionalism. Razor sharp, full of tenacity, does't suffer fools, but oozes integrity and is the most generous kind person.

Michelle Bryant, Investor and SSAS Trustee

HNWI and sophisticated property investors

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As a private investor, I am presented with investment opportunities on a daily basis - Ive seen it all! I have developed a robust and comprehensive approach to due diligence which looks not only at the deal but at the person I'm investing with too, which is critical for me. I am very passionate about helping other investors to select deals and developers carefully and cautiously and to help them protect themselves by having the proper legal and security arrangements in place. I help with:

  • Sharing my holistic approach to due diligence

  • Navigating the (sometimes) murky world of property, eg who to invest with, or not!

  • How to protect yourself with legal agreements and appropriate security

  • Providing guidance on lost funds and how to proceed with reclaiming these

  • Finding good developers to invest with and highlighting the ones to avoid.


Please note, I am not FCA registered, so do not provide investment advice.

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