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Being vs. Doing

When do you know you're really 'contributing'?

Sometimes here in Malta, I find myself asking myself this question. This lifestyle choice (90% on the phone/...) is often lonely and from time-to-time I can feel 'pointless' when I'm here:

What am I achieving?

What have I really done today?

Who have I spoken to?

What have I contributed?

Yada yada yada...

It's partly my monkey mind, and I know that. And maybe some self-judgment. But it prods me nonetheless.

A friend and I often exchange messages on BEING vs DOING...What if simply by being, we ARE contributing? Every second of every day? Not economically, as society would have us measured by but by something far subtler, far trickier, far more profound? What if our gift and contribution is to a dedicated and concerted effort to evolve our level of consciousness and therefore universal consciousness?

Sometimes, is simply being, enough?

We can all fall into the 'comparison' trap with others, and with our own expectations.

Simply being has value. I find that thought rather liberating, so I'm gonna run with this whether it's 'true' or not.

Are you ok with 'simply being'?

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