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When are we ready to apply for something…?

When do you really have ‘something to say for yourself?’

This always comes up when applying for something…

Like an award 🏆 a keynote speech or panel opportunity, a guest 🎙podcast (or a place on an exclusive festival #afest!)

Suddenly you find yourself thinking, why would they want me? 🙈

And they seem to want to know EVERYTHING about all your achievements (does that really funny joke I told that one time count?!) and before you know it, you’re talking yourself out of applying 😞

‘I’ll apply when I’ve got something more to show.’

‘I’m not ready’ 😩

I don’t know who needs to hear this today but…


Just show up anyway 💪

Take one question at a time, give ‘em all you got (it’s probably MORE than enough!) and see what happens.

Want one to go for?

The 🏆 Property Investor Awards 🏆 nominations are open - there’s only a chance of winning if you apply! Link in comments / bio

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