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Focus on the Why

Amy Rowlinson podcast episode

“People driven” is a core value of the OPARO proptech brand and says a great deal about its co-founder and good friend Toby Wilde.

In another illuminating Focus on WHY podcast episode with Amy Rowlinson, Toby discusses this along with his other values and what drives him, giving a delightful insight into how this genius entrepreneurial brain works.

"Don't force yourself to be something you're not. Be resilient and never be afraid to keep on getting back up and keep on fighting the good fight. The most important thing you can have is #resilience.”

Here’s some of my favourite parts....

1.30 - Competition in the SME developer space

2.44 - Property runs in the family

4.35 -#Proptech and the efficiency it brings to research and #duediligence

8.00 - Overcoming #dyslexia. Toby’s motivation to challenge ideas and grow something new

11.25 - lessons in property; contracts, careful who you deal with and #trust.

15.40 - Toby’s passion for social housing

25.40 - The future and REACT funds (and who in his family had the first RE fund licence in the UK!)

28.00 - People, teamwork, diversity, partnership and speaking your mind

30.00 - “Different strokes for different folks” (and the 3 things many successful entrepreneurs have in common!)

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