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I am my own Asset Manager 👩‍💼

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

I look at each investment in terms of where they sit in my portfolio. This will always determine at the end of the day whether I invest.

It's not just the deal.

If I’m feeling exposed already in a certain area, it's highly likely I won’t want to put a new one in there that increases RISK in that area. Like equity, for example. But let's not get into where those are at right now in my world 🙈

Just like Deborah Meaden (😏) we get to know the kind of deals she might go for, based on what her existing projects are and what she tends to want to get involved in.

I guess if someone really wanted me to work with them, they'd perhaps find out where and how I've invested so far, so they can convince me THIS project NEEDS to be taken on. By me. Or, because it's:

🦄 A unicorn. I'm a bit (ok very) sceptical about this idea and term, but never say never. There could be something that REALLY is that balance of risk and reward

☕️ A complete no-brainer for any investor

👨‍💼 It comes with a potential husband 🤣 (NB one that I want!)

In short, they'd do their due diligence to see if I'm the RIGHT investor for them. I'm not for everyone! And neither are you 🙌

And your deal might be better targeted to a particular investor, so think about their profile too.

So who is your deal really for? 💰

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