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I'm going on a retreat...

Once in a while, everything aligns 💫🇲🇽

I ummed and ahhhed about this, but sometimes, you’ve just got to surrender to the opportunity in front of you!

I’m off on retreat for the month of February, in Mexico!

It can be the hardest decision to really switch off the machines and invest in yourself, even when it’s one of your highest values 😅💫

But when I heard there would be not one, but TWO incredible speakers hosting retreats this month there, I figured it was worth the mileage ✈️ the time 📆 the expense 💰

First up is the brilliant Dr Joe Dispenza. I got into Dispenza a few years ago when I was recovering from CFS, I see him as a key voice in my getting into the power of mindset, and the mind-body connection. At some point I’ll do a few posts about exactly what I’ve gained from his books and messages. Just grateful to have discovered it!

Then, for some ‘light entertainment’ I’m attending a retreat with the physicist Nassim Haramein 😂 Resonance Foundation (anyone who’s encountered his studies and teachings will know why that’s funny 😂) It’s a LOT of pretty dense quantum physics ⚖️ #focusbrain 🔮 but it’s all about HOW and WHY meditation works, #consciousness and how humanity manifests its own future 💫 (plus a stop off in Tulum and ChichenItza 🗿)

Expect me to levitate back to LinkedIn only from time to time! 😂 #gowithin

I’ll let you know how it goes 🌱 Links below for a couple of awesome YouTube videos from both of them 🙌

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