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Investor Relations for SMEs

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

What's more important, the project or the developer?

When it comes to investing, I would pick the person over the deal EVERY TIME – and have done! You might be thinking, why does that matter? It's the PROJECT making the profit. In my experience, it's the PERSON driving that project who makes it a success, and who's looking after my money.

Yes a deal needs to be worth the time, but when there’s the luxury to choose, I want someone fun, and someone I can have tough conversations with. Reread the latter!

I've just done a fifth deal with a developer who's a dream to work with. Want to know why?

*Diary out!*

'Investor relations for SMEs' special webinar with Landtech's Franki Chaffin-Edwards was held last December 10th 2020.

Watch the reply of this webinar below.

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