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R. I. S. K.

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Let's just get real 👀

Who is responsible for your investment? 💷

Hard question in #property. Isn't it the developer, whose job it is to make a return on it? You give them the money, and then they make it grow? 💎

I'm sorry to say it but, NO.

We investors make a choice to invest our money into a project, and accept the outcome of that investment. That's all on us.

Our money = our responsibility.

🔍 If we did or didn't do our due diligence

🤨 If we went against instinct

🤩 If we asked too few questions or made assumptions.. can we blame others for 'losing' our money?

We can't. Well, we can try but it won't change the fact that we are responsible for our cash, and always were.

Sure there are the sharks 🦈 and people get swindled. Illegal fraud is always in the wrong 💔 Feel free to point out their obvious neglect or denial.

But if a deal has gone south because deals go south, we all lose out. And blaming the developer, investment platform, 'mentor,' 'specialist' won't change that.

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