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Some people say I’m hard work

Some people say I’m hard work.

That may be true.

Some people say I’m a pleasure to work with.

That may also be true.

They may in fact BOTH be true!

I suppose it’s all about #perspective.

The people who do find me hard work are usually the ones that understand me the least, or make the least effort to understand me (or don’t listen well 🙉). And the reverse is also true.

Perhaps it’s why I spend so much time studying human behaviour. In fact if I had my time again I’d probably have studied #psychology rather than Politics, Philosophy and Economics!

I want to understand people - especially those very different to me - and I want to enable myself to be understood. It’s efficient, it’s effective and most of all it’s fascinating!

These are some of my favourite models of human behaviour:

✴️ Wealth Dynamics @roger Hamilton

✴️ Myer Briggs / 16 Personality types

✴️ 6 Drivers @Alison Armstong

✴️ The Enneagram

✴️ Graves Model of Values

✴️ Values by Dr John Demartini

📕 Book recommendation “Attached” (attachment style) by Amir Levine

Let me know yours - or if you’re a fan of any of the above - in the comments 👇🏽

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