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What does your sex have to do with the risky deals you take on? 🚺🚹

I was listening to this @JordanPeterson and @David Buss conversation last weekend on which sex is choosier and which is more competitive in the context of choosing a mate.

And yet again I’m seeing the similarities with how we approach property investing!

But it also perhaps explains why the gents on Property Elevator are more willing to 'give it a try' with deals, whereas I tend to hold back…


😎 Women tend to take more risks with ‘bad boys’ only when they’re younger. Later on they have more experience and are more discerning #riskaverse

😍🎤 The issue with our subconscious attraction to narcissists (both sexes) - the person at the centre of the room. Or in our case, the property stage!

How can we be aware of these inner biases?

Obviously ALL genders hold bias.

In my experience it has to start with self-awareness. If we make enough of those mistakes, we will gain heaps of that!

👀 Get used to observing our choices on a deeper level

🤔 Question our real motives and habits

🤓 (Try to) Not do the same thing again

Do also check out @ManishKataria’s @Property Investor News article this month about overcoming #bias in our investment decisions

Do you think about your subconscious habits in deal-making?

Link to YT:

Link to PIN magazine

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