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What questions would you have for another developer’s pitch?

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

What questions would you have for another developer’s pitch? 🗯

I’m thinking along the lines of ‘have you thought of connecting with a building partner with experience in multi-use development?' As opposed to ’What on earth are you thinking with that strategy?’ Although sometimes that needs to be asked! 😂

Would you be comfortable doing that with another developer or investor?

I say, get comfortable! 😌

We can all support each other by (helpfully!) pointing out what others can’t see. And perhaps even lending a valued connection if we have one.

The reason I’m asking is that come Tuesday 26th October we go LIVE for Property Elevator at The Landlord Investment show in Billingsgate!

It’s an all-day event and we’ll definitely have the chance to NETWORK, lend our experience, and support each other before and after our LIVE slot around lunchtime.

Can't wait - it's FREE to register and attend, register here.

Can't make it but need to book in a consultation with me? Please msg my PA via

And catch Epsiode 3 of the new series TONIGHT at 8PM on Sky 191 and @property tv U.K. official YouTube channel.

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