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Writing and presenting property...

Once of the things I enjoyed most was writing my monthly articles for Property Investor News.

When I spoke to Richard Bowser at the beginning of this year about having a monthly article in Property Investor News, gave him a little heads up… 😂

‘It’s not all going to be property investment tips or money-making FYI! I want to talk RISK, and MINDSET!’

Not because there’s anything wrong with talking about investment strategy, but because a) I didn’t want to rewrite what other people already do so well and b) I feel what so many of us need help with is making the right decisions and understanding ourselves and RISK.

In this new episode of the My Property World podcast with Will Mallard - we discuss all of this and more….

⁉️How I came to do this - and WHY

✍🏽 The topics I like to talk about - communication, investor relations, risk appetite

🥳 The importance of fun - and why it’s one of my FUNdamental investing principles (read more about this in he forthcoming January edition!)

💫 Energy, flow and momentum

🏃🏼‍♀️ and the joy of running

🗣 Shout outs to

Claire Norwood and the article we co-authored in May 2021 (link in comments / DM me for link)

Shola Aderinan and the article we co-wrote on #riskappetite in February 2021


Link to My Property World podcast:

You can read back issues and subscribe to the magazine here:

My latest article:

March 2021 article - Who is that Masked Man, lone rangers in property development:

Article with Claire:

Risk appetite article with Shola:

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