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A whole year of PIN magazine! 🥂

When I spoke to @richardbowser at the beginning of this year about having a monthly article in the Property Investor News, I had to give him a little heads up… 😂

‘It’s not all going to be property investment tips or money-making FYI! I want to talk RISK, and MINDSET!’

He was happy as Larry.

Not because there’s anything wrong with talking about investment strategy, but because a) I didn’t want to rewrite what other people already do so well and b) I feel what so many of us need help with is making the right decisions and understanding RISK.

❌ Not the one-off risk of one project under review

✅ REAL RISK. Understanding:

👉 How to approach risk

👉 Recognising risk, because in this industry it’s NOT written out for you

👉 Risk appetite and creating your own risk profile

PLUS I had all the stories to go with these ideas 🤪 #experience #happytoshare

I’ve loved being a regular in this investing resource, and I’m grateful for all the feedback, comments and stories you’ve shared back on each theme 👏👏👏

As we go into 2022, it’ll be interesting to see what risk trends dominate the industry, and share how we can all keep our heads screwed on, and money in our wallets!

Thank you Richard Bowser and Fiona Childerstone… 🥂

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