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Coping with Lockdown : Development and Investment Strategies in the Current Climate

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Crowd with Us

“There's a lot of changes coming and happening right now and I think the businesses that will do well are those businesses that are easily adaptable” - Rod Turner

This is an unprecedented moment in time where all of our lives and livelihoods have been affected.

We invited a highly experienced panel to join Co-Founder Rob Wilkinson to give you an insight into the impact Covid-19 and living in lockdown is having on property professionals and investors.

In this podcast you’ll hear how social distancing is affecting their businesses and informing their development and investment strategies, now and moving forward. They candidly discuss the precaution measures they are putting in place to be able to navigate these unique times we find ourselves in.

In this podcast:

00:03: Introduction to the panelists

03:46: Coping with social isolation

04:58: Business impact of Covid-19

18:15: Taking additional precautions

30:50: Forward facing : strategy and long term predictions

35:37: Longer term predictions

39:32: Seeking the opportunities

Listen to this timely and very informative discussion.

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