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Did we fall out of love last year?

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Did anyone else fall a little bit out of love with property as a result of last year...? 💔

Even though the month of love is upon us, I've heard quite a bit of antipathy about the industry. And not from my own lips this time! 🤣

I know HMO landlords who've decided they HATE HMOs 🏢

I know developers who have said NEVER AGAIN 🏗(actually that's not just last year though)

Certainly as a private investor myself, when I looked at the profits from property vs the profits I made on my personal trading account (with WAY less effort and time needed) there was a clear winner...

*SPOILER ALERT* - it wasn't property.

So why am I still here? Why are WE still here?

I believe it's the people. Or maybe we like pain 🤣. No really, I mean it. It's the clever, creative, hilarious and hardworking people in this crazy industry which keep me here.

What keeps you here in the tough times?

Photo credit: @kellysikkema @urbansplash

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