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Don’t treat your investors like mushrooms

🍄Don’t treat your investors like M-U-S-H-R-O-O-M-S! 🍄

Yes, mushrooms! The ones with big heads that like to be fed and then kept in the dark…

That is NOT your investors! 😣

I don’t know if it’s sometimes the profile of a property developer. They are fast starters, high risk-takers, and are brilliant at spotting opportunities.

But…what then? Leave everyone who’s supported this project hanging?

If you put yourself in your investors’ shoes, how would it feel to put your faith - and hard-earned cash into their project, and be treated like a mushroom?

I think you'd agree it's unacceptable.

AND I’d be wary of untended mushrooms! There is a 2400 year-old giant ‘honey mushroom’ in Oregon, US - covering 2200 acres, slowly killing off the trees in the forest. It is the largest living organism on the planet 🌲🌳🌴

Don’t mess with the mushrooms! 🍄💣

They are closer to humans than plants (also a fact!)

If investor relations is not your forté, and you like to be getting into the project work…You need someone on your team to manage that relationship - authentically - and make sure your investors are on board ALL THE WAY.

🛑 Full stop 🛑


So it’s simple. Don’t treat your investors like mushrooms! 🍄

Investors, have you been treated like mushrooms? And not the truffle kind?

Developers! How do you keep the light ON throughout the project?

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