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From what mindset are you creating your strategy?

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

If you were to consult your own personal ‘Principals of Investing’ before going in on a deal, what would they be? 🤔

In this month’s Property Investor News, I talk about my ’10 Principals of Investing’ ALL of which I have gained through deep (and sometimes unwelcome!) experience 😅

Given YOUR experience, what would be yours? ✍️☝️

Number 8 on my list is BELIEFS #yesss

One of my favourite NewYorker cartoons is by illustrator Ellis Rosen of a compère in a boxing ring doing his thing of announcing the fighters 🥊🎙

The caption says:

‘And in this corner, still undefeated, is Frank’s longheld beliefs!’ And there’s just this guy, arms folded, looking defiant 😂😂😂

It makes me chuckle every time and so perfectly sums up the issues we have with OURSELVES, our MINDSET and with others.

❓From what beliefs and mindset are you creating your strategy ❓

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