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How many of the following phrases get under your skin?!

How many of the following phrases get under your skin?!

Finding inner connection 🙏

Embracing vulnerability 💪🚫

Soul nourishment 😬🔮

I know quite a few more that would definitely get a 🙄🙄🙄 from some people I know, in and out of the investment.

Funny though…

The more I speak to people (and post!) about this sort of stuff though, the more I realise that though the language can be cringe, the principals are something we all WANT.

(And you know me, I’m gonna talk about it anyway! #letsgetreal)

So come May 19th-22nd you’ll find me in…

Jordan! 🇯🇴

I’m super excited to have been accepted to A-fest, an intimate (only around 300 attendees out of thousands of applicants) self-development festival created by @vishen the founder of @MindValley and his team.

There are some BAA-rilliant speakers in the line-up. Particularly excited about @StevenKotler, author of Stealing Fire, all about the neuroscience of being in a flow state 🤩

This year the theme is ‘Creating Deep Human Connections.’

Could this be any more appropriate for life right now?

Can’t wait…more to follow…

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