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How tough do you have to be in property?

How tough do you have to be in property?

Recently I’ve been having a stab at writing up and sharing my very own Principles of Investing [more to come! 🎬📜😬]

It was hard at times not to feel like I was lending someone armour and saying ‘Right! Put this on. Now, you’ll need this dagger…and if you have a pocket, here’s a mystical potion to help you on your journey. And a lock of my hair should you need extra strength… 😂⚔️🛡🍶🔮🏔🤣

Property newcomers - also seasoned property people actually - might be thinking ‘Bl**dy hell! What am I letting myself in for?'

👉 Am I the right personality for this? Do you need to be a (e.g Wealth Dynamics) trader profile? Or more a Creative?

👉 I’m great with people, does that mean I won’t be tough enough on the numbers and making a deal?

👉 I love property, but I'm quite sensitive and hate drama. Wrong career then?!

I totally get it. Thank God nobody has ever asked me to manage builders onsite❗️😂

And I do think knowing more about your strengths from a decent personality or work profiling tool can help.


I know so many people who have found their balance with it, but it can look abstract until you’re there…😭

Would it help to talk about this subject more?

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