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Is someone pressuring you? 🚩

Is someone pressuring you? 🚩

One of the 'P's on my red flag series is PRESSURE.

A deal starts to smell not so good if I'm suddenly faced with pressure.

It happens a lot.

'Sign today!' ⏱

'We'll need to know by end of play whether you're in'⏱

Or, more subtle, EMOTIONAL pressure 🥺 (manipulation)

'You're the last piece in the jigsaw!' 🧩

'We only want YOU to invest'


So watch out for that red flag 🚩, it may mean issues with this deal, or the person pitching it!

So when will I invest in this deal?

👉 When I have all the information I need, and not until then

👉 When I feel satisfied the developer is in full control of their plans

👉 When the deal is actually ready to go

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