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It's not me you need to speak to..

The easiest and the hardest thing to say to someone who needs help!

‘It's not me you need to speak to.’

👉 ‘But I know the right person to go to.’

I think we’ve all been guilty at one time of trying to be everything to everyone, a one-stop shop. And in property, I think by its nature we all pick up A LOT of skills we COULD try to share.

But it can get messy trying to get into it with someone when usually, there’s someone else just a phone call away for whom this particular conundrum is their THING!

They know it.

They love it.

They are available for it.

So it’s a chance to connect people in the best way✊

Further benefits:

🤦🏼‍♀️ Not carrying resentment because you took on the responsibility of helping someone with something you probably find boring or still a challenge yourself

💫 Catalysing their progress by giving them a clear sign-post

🦋 Going with the flow

Try it.

‘It’s not me you need to speak to.’

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