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Helen Chorley - Property Angel Investor

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Property Elevator Series 2

Ive had a lot of people asking about the forthcoming Property Elevator program that we'll be recording in August for Property TV UK Official Channel with Ranjan Bhattacharya, Paul Mahoney, Nicholas Wallwork and John Howard.

As Ranjan says in this short video, this is about more than just getting funding as an Angel will be working closely with you on the deal should you be successful in securing funding from one of us.

We also discuss what we're each looking for from candidates;

John is looking for candidates who are

- pleasant, polite and likeable

- investible - meaning, bright, ambitious and engaging

- Ultimately someone he feels comfortable working with

I'll be looking for...

- strong, sensible numbers, ie does your deal really stack

- thorough due diligence

- well planned exits

- contingencies

So my advice is be prepared and be passionate!

The link to the application form is in the comments below so if you fit the bill, be brave and give it a go!

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