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'Make making money fun!'

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Wow what a completely awesome day at the Landlords Investing Show in Old Billingsgate! 📸🎥🎙

I had LOADS of fun and thank you everyone who organised, presented (thx Elizabeth Warburton) and made our LIVE Property Elevator session possible.

And well done to the pitchers Chris, Omer Mehmet and Jackie. It is NOT easy doing these pitches on the show, let alone LIVE as it was yesterday 🎦

🗯 Key quotes overheard from the angels 🗯

'Options, options, OPTIONS. I love a deal which gives me options' - John Howard

'Cheeky is a good word for you.' Paul Mahoney

'This deal is overcooked; you don't it want half-baked though either!' Ranjan Bhattacharya

'I'm your ONLY offer, so take it or leave it!' - Paul Mahoney

And one from me:

'How do you get money out of Helen? Good numbers and a proper investment pack like this one!'

Questions were also asked about what makes a no-brainer deal. More on this to come!

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