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NED Roles

NASA Extragalactic Database 🚀

No Evidence of Disease ⚕️

Not Enough Data

New England Dictionary

Nice Extra Dayjob 💪🏽

No Excuses DJ 🎧

What DOES N.E.D. stand for….?

And what exactly do they do….?

In this latest Episode of My Property World with Will we discuss one of the “hats” I most enjoy wearing…. that of a Non Exec Director (NED).

Want to know….

🤔 What IS a Non-Executive Director?

🏗 What exactly do they do?

👍🏽 How an extra set of eyes 👀 and an independent external perspective could REALLY help your business….?

If you’re thinking of appointing an NED or even if you’re not considering this yet for your business, you may want to after listening to this…. Link in bio ☝🏽

What do you think NED should stand for….? Let me know in the comments 👇🏽

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