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New Year...

Think for yourself.

While I love the full quote from Ray Dalio, I also think we could just leave it at the first line 😂☝️

It can be such a challenge this time of year to try and funnel (force 😩!) all our past year's experience into this one big goal we've got for this next year. And all that 🤯 PRESSURE. Makes me want to close every device and tell everyone I'm off to the beach⛱ #alreadyhere #hello2022

What if instead of goals we had a MESSAGE?

Well, this has got to be one of mine...

💥 Think for yourself 💥

So much of what I do my talks on, chat about online - so many of the responses to the questions I get from investors and developers is simply about trusting your natural process and internal compass, no matter wh

at NOISE is coming at you.

👉 Be honest about what YOU want

👉 Take what is REAL from around you

👉 💥 Always think for yourself 💥

Well, that's my goals done. Easy. I'll see you next year! 😂😂😂

So, ignoring goals...what would be your MESSAGE?

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