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Of course. It all makes sense now.

It doesn’t make sense to some fellow investors why I’m risk-averse.

Or ‘so cautious.’

‘There are limits’ they say.

‘At some point you’ve just got to for it and let the chips fall where they may.’

Or ‘When does Helen actually do a deal?’ 🤔😂

It’s only when I share the true WHY - complete with details and context and, if I trust the person, the names involved, then they go ‘Ohhhhhh...'

'Sh* I get it!’ 😂😩

Because this is the reality of those two particular bad investments:

🤯 Being in a long legal battle with all the STRESS

🤬 Being verbally abused and gaslit by those myself and my co-investors supported

🤭 Real money down the drain…

Names aren’t important in today’s post - It’s about PRINCIPLES. And about what I’ve learnt. And I’m not here to keep that energy going by just blacklisting developers.

My PRINCIPLES are what define my strategy and shape my choices.

Now over to you.

Let's focus on risk appetite.

OWNING why you have the risk appetite you have is all part of growing into a successful investor. We’re not here to compete on risk-taking!


➡️ Learn from mistakes #urgh

➡️ Note red flags 🚩

➡️ Keep only what worked, don’t repeat what didn’t!

Anyone else got an ‘Oh I get it now!’ story?

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