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Own The Build Podcast 50th episode

HUGE congratulations to Paul Heming and Liam Curley of Own The Build podcast, on their 5️0th Epsiode 🥳🙌🏽👏🏽

In this milestone episode, I join the chaps to discuss how I got into property investing and my experience transferring from finance to real estate. We also discuss how developers should best manage investor relationships and why it is critical to a project going well - as well as to getting repeat investment!

I was introduced to them by my fellow #propertysistersuk co-founder @karo who has also been a previous guest - so check out her episode #20 on designing and selling unique homes too!

Head to to learn how you can save a minimum of 5% against budget construction costs on your next project. You can also subscribe to their blog to stay up to date with the latest resources, articles, videos, and audio from C-Link.

Would you like to learn tactics that other professionals are using to get to PC quicker, reduce costs, and all whilst meeting specification and building standards?

Join their LinkedIn Group, The Site Office, to ask for advice, share your knowledge, and connect with people that might have a different perspective on construction that you've not yet considered.

Listen to the interview here.

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