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Episode 2: Property Elevator Series 2

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

We've had some WONDERFUL feedback from the first episode of series 2 of #PropertyElevatoronProperty TV UK Official Channel and Sky 192. Like this...

“Great way to see pitches first hand and understand what the investors are looking for! An inspiring and firmly on my 2021 goals list for next series”

“Such a great first episode it didn't disappoint and I'm even more up for joining series 3”

“you all asked some tough and probing questions but in a very friendly way”

“I loved the insights and dynamics of the different conversations... very insightful, great learning”

“I really loved it, good casting for both people and deals, making it inclusive. Good constructive criticism and tone of the overall programme. Great insights to take home”

Did you see it?

What did you think?

And are you ready for episode 2?

On this episode John Howard, Nicholas Wallwork, Ranjan Bhattacharya, Paul Mahoney and I listen to pitches from Masud Saeedi, Charlie van den Berg and Christina Harrison-Flynn.

Who will walk out with the backing they came for?

Here's the full episode:


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