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Should we get up and sing?

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Should we get up and sing? Or smile graciously, sit down and finish our dessert? 🍨

Having a voice in property is not a fool's game 🗯🤔

My article in this month's Property Investor News discusses the fine line between standing out, engaging the 'crowd,' and being ‘that guy.’ Or girl.

Here's a snippet:

"On the one hand, I CHOOSE to make some noise. I’ve got a strong set of standards. No way, really?! I hear you say. It’s built up from years’ experience chasing the axis of value in volatile markets. I want people to experience these standards in property, because real estate is still one of the best ways, some would say the only real way to realise financial freedom, no matter how rocky the road. So I speak up. I think it’s worth the effort and the occasional ‘boos.’"

"On the other hand, it can be tiring, risky, exposing and sometimes I just want to sit here and eat my scallops. I empathise hugely therefore with the growing number of brilliant, unique property brands made up of diligent, determined creatives really doing the work and stepping up to be visible. They take this risk all the time. They walk that line, knowing that they might fall off in front of everyone."

What are your thoughts on 'singing out in the industry'? When should we?

Grab your copy of the Property Investors News, April Issue today!

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