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Skills needed for property

What skills do you really, actually need in property? ⚔️🛡

My recent post on being TOUGH 💪🏽 in property prompted some REALLY great comments (thank you all 🙏🏽)

My favourites were Michelle Gamble:

'If I can succeed in this, anyone can. It's all about who you are internally, not what position you hold.'

[Michelle’s hasn’t had to use her specialist skill of castration - yet - but it sounds like a great one to drop into conversation 🤣😲 see the post below if you missed it!]

And Rob Mason:

'I often ask myself, where is my armour. Some days you feel like you've been beaten up. I hear Ranjit Singh's voice in my head 'tough times don't last, tough people do.'

So we’ve established, we need bucket loads of patience 🧭 😅😅😅

What else…?

Add your BEST (and WORST!) skill that you bring to property in the comments below….

I’ll start us off….

👉 a thick skin 💥🤛


👉 A common aim (good one Gordon Thompson) 👀

👉 Trusted connections

👉 Madness? 🤪🤪🤪 Jay Howard

What else?

What skills do you feel you bring to it? I bet there are loads 👇👇👇

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