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Spreadsheet love....

Ladies and Gentlemen.

May I introduce to you…The Spreadsheet 📊

Now, say ‘The Spreadsheet’ again but over-emphasise the first word. THE. THEEE Spreadsheet.

Now you’re with me! 😂

What makes a spreadsheet so hot it’s memorable? #propertyinvestment

Well, it’s like showing investors an up-to-date health report for your project 🌡🧬

🏃‍♂️ Project fitness - Is it really ready to go, as it is?

⚙️ Systems working well (no good having strong bones if the heart’s about to pack in!)

💪 Resilience: will this project survive a knock, or a rough event? #becauseproperty

This particular one in my hands from Property Elevator S4 🎥🏗 was a special one:

🤤 Month by month cashflow (really not a given in any pitch but makes me sit up and listen!)

🤤 a sensitivity analysis of profitability

🤤 detail, detail, detail!

Brilliant 🏆

It IS that important.

It IS worth that effort.

There are wonderful people out there who can make it look all pretty 💖 but as long as you have the hard info to put on it 📈📉

So, how do you like your spreadsheets in the morning? 😎🍳🎶

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