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STRENGTHS... Winning Others Over

How do you win people over? 🤔

It’s a bit of a hairy question in property and investing 🤪

As too many of us know, it can sound like:

💸 Being sucked into a false deal

💸 Being fed some high-profile nonsense

💸 Kissing good-bye to hard-earned cash into poor investments…

I’m asking because I recently had a conversation with brilliant coach Amy Rowlinson about my strengths - one of which is actually WOO. Not that ‘woo’ 🔮😂 although yes to that too 🧠😂

Winning others over (WOO).

But I obviously am ALLERGIC to the idea of the shiny, sell from the stage stuff so I had to think about what this means to me.

Am I woo-ing people? How?

With no particular plan on it 😂 I can only reflect and say that if I did win anyone over, it was probably because…

…I wasn’t actually trying to. Sure, I’ve got some strong opinions but I don’t try to tell people what to do

…I try to have a laugh with people. If I can’t do that, it’s not looking good anyway 🧟‍♀️😂

…I stick to what I know about 📊

Mostly I would just say, if you’re being yourself, you attract what you need. See? Back to the other woo 🔮🧠😂

How do you WOO?

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