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The Hare and the Tortoise with Helen Chorley

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

The Property Vault with Amy Rowlinson

In this episode, host Amy Rowlinson talks with Professional Property Investor and Consultant, Helen Chorley, about property investing due diligence. Helen focuses her effort in this area in an attempt to stop people from losing their money, slowing them down recommending they act more like the Tortoise than the Hare! Sharing her investing principles, Helen advocates that you should spread your risk and seek to look at the level of security involved within each deal diversifying by amount, developer and geography. Keep asking questions especially when you are venturing into a new territory. For Helen, there is no such thing as a stupid question!

Helen shares how health challenges forced her to leave the banking industry and how after the process of a full reevaluation of what was important to her, she took herself down a whole new path. Following experts such as Dr John Demartini and Joe Dispenza, Helen focused on her personal development, diet and now starts each day practicing meditation for an hour grounding her and engaging both sides of the brain to help her to make better holistic decisions.

Capital preservation is what is most important to Helen at the moment and Helen asks you to think about what is important to you? What are you trying to achieve? What safeguards do you have in place to ensure your money is coming back to you?

When investing in property, Helen believes that sometimes you are making decisions based on probabilities with asymmetric information and yet you need to decide whether to invest or not in a timely manner. Helen recommends reading Thinking in Bets and Amy recommends Factfulness, as together they will provoke thought, encourage you to be a little more cynical, prompt you to keep asking those fact-finding questions and to always thoroughly check the legal structures.

Also in this podcast, Helen and Amy discuss the benefits of CGI, marketing and support networks. Helen also shares her interest in PropTech and what is next on her investing agenda horizon.

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