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We back the person as much as the deal...

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

We're rooting for you 🤓

Because we back the PERSON as much as the deal.

Some people, you just KNOW they will be doing their absolute best with what they've got to create something brilliant.

We had such a person come on stage to pitch their property development project at Property Elevator Live, right near the very end. A longtime Brighton resident, she knew her neck of the woods and had been making property work for several years, with many a work around.

📄 No, her presentation wasn't slick

🤔 She jumped back and forth, and wasn't exactly clear what she wanted to get out of the deal

😬 Her nerves often got the better of her

❗️Also, as we found out at the end, it turned out she had lost her Mum just days before and still decided to show up and do her presentation ❗️

And you could see she had an absolute passion for property.

A real solution finder 🧠

So what happened next? With more clarity needed to make a full decision, @Johnhoward, whose playground is Brighton offers to take her for coffee to see what they work out and get her on track for a profitable deal.

It's not always clear-cut, but it's often the START of something.

Just showing up with INTEGRITY is often enough to get ball rolling.

Although the last episode of Property Elevator has aired, I’ve a feeling you might be seeing the 5 of us again VERY SOON! Stay tuned for details 🤫🤐🥂🎉

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