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‘What do you love most about being a woman?’

‘What do you love most about being a woman?’

Asked someone a couple of weeks ago on International Women’s Day.

I sent them a list!

Divided into two categories though...those which are no surprise to me (have felt them all along, many women will have shared the same) and those which grew unexpectedly with age and experience 😯💫 like:

🚺🚹 Having the ability to be in a feminine or more masculine energy as I need (and when it’s appropriate). For me personally, my masculine energy can help with keeping things simple and being direct. Also just getting on a level with my male connections and being one of the lads sometimes. Not necessary to business or life (!) but natural to me all the same 🙌

🚺🚹 Accepting chivalry….really that’s only become possible more recently. Being in my feminine on a day can mean accepting HELP from men, or other women, or anyone! #receive

🚺🚹 Surprising people with my intellect. Especially when they might have (erm they definitely did!) underestimate me 😂. I’m more bold to speak up now and have less fear of putting my brain centre stage in the exchange! 🧠 #getready

The non-surprising ones are more core to who I am though 💓



Being a sister in all ways.

That’s a privilege.

What do you love most about being a woman?

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