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What the Helens?

Can we talk about ‘financial security’?

You know, that elusive thing we are all trying to create, ALL the time.

‘I’ve got to get on the property ladder.’ 🏡 (or ‘I’ve got to buy MORE properties!’ 🤓)

‘Investing is where it’s at. You’ve got to start NOW.’ 💱

‘A few more years in this role (that is killing my soul) and I reckon I’ll have enough security to relax a little.’ 😩

Bloody hell.

It’s a life-long job, really, isn’t it? 🤪

An undefined yet all-compassing role we are all in, compounded and validated by all the intense messaging about it we get bombarded by.

Hey, what do you do for living?

‘I’m working towards financial security.’


❓Is there another way that wealth can come to us though?

One argument is that putting our focus onto chasing this elusive goal doesn’t bring what we want, or nowhere near what we could have.

Because essentially, it’s just chasing money. And if we’re doing that, we’ll be doing that forever.

It’s also living life by a belief system that we’re only ever ok in life if we feel financially ‘secure.’ And yet that, like the markets, is completely fragile ground. An illusion?

For a while now I’ve been pondering these thoughts while reading Kyle Cease’s The Illusion of Money which argues that the real focus should be on investing in and understanding yourself. The wealth comes from that.

Have you read it?

What are your thoughts on ‘financial security’?

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