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Why AM I doing Property Elevator?

WHY….? 🤔

Why AM I doing Property Elevator?

I mean, why, personally?

One for the skeptics out there. Of whom I am one myself!

Is it just TV? (And property?) (And cash?)

My own decision to be on a panel show featuring pitches from property developers to angel investors actually comes from a cluster of frustrations I experience day-to-day in property.

It's this stuff which keeps me up at night.

🙃 That people think property developers = builders and investors = cash. We are both so much more! #realpeople

😎 That it's only the real estate big shots and fakes that seem to get what they want or need #herecomeschange

😕 That often the people making noise aren't delivering value or making this space a better place to be #value

So here's my personal 'why' for this show:

☝️ To give value. I have a ton of terrible experiences 😂 that can become positive guidance for those wishing to see success in property investing. Don't make me hold on to it anymore!

🤘 To help clear a path for those genuine hard-working REAL property people who need help

✌️ To share my experience in a frank, straight-forward, no BS way

So if you have found a cracking property deal, which you need funding for, apply NOW to come and pitch it to us on the show -

As well as funding, you will also benefit from having a highly experienced Property Angel as your business partner.

PS - my good friend Amy Rowlinson has an AMAZING podcast on people’s WHY …. Check it out on her Focus On Why 🙌🏽👌🏽)

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