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'You say no to everything!'

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

‘You say no to EVERYTHING!’ said @JohnHoward to me while we were filming Property Elevator 😅

Recently I’ve been talking about my particular approach to risk, and why some ‘decent-looking’ deals still don’t make me bite 🍔

In summary, here’s why:

The downside is not worth the extra few percent projected return.

Well, there’s more:

➡️ They don’t have a proper EXIT strategy. No viable plan B. Or C.

➡️ There’s major risk they haven’t analysed.

➡️ They’ve overblown the potential, and I can tell.

I’m going to be breaking this down more over the coming weeks with examples and hopefully shift some of the perspectives around risk.

Not so I can prick property developers’ bubbles 🎈🔫 (well only some of them!) but so people RAISE THEIR STANDARDS of what a good project really is, and have a better experience 🤩

I also go into our risk profile and what it means in Property Investor News, coming out next week. It has to do with the brain 🧠🗯

What is your bottom-line attitude to risk? How much risk is worth it?

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