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I’ve been asked again and again and again and again…to launch a Property Investment Fund 📊🏠

In fact there’s not a week goes by in which I don’t have someone illustrating to me, in detail, with bucket-loads of encouragement, E X A C T L Y why I should do this. And it’s not sycophants. Or opportunists!

These are highly experienced people, who know me 🙏 (and my flaws - of which there are many!)

So why haven’t I done it….?

What’s stopping me?

The 3 H’s (how apt 😆)

🥴 Headache

🤦🏼‍♀️ Hassle

🙅🏼‍♀️ Handling

But also...Autonomy. How would I keep personal agendas out of it? Given the experience I (and countless others!) have had in property investing, how would I keep these waters 🦈 free? #cleanfund

More thought required, but I’ve not ruled it out…Yet!

Whilst I love the idea of being able to fund new projects for all the superb developers I’ve worked with over the past 8 years, there's definitely resistance 🤔

Perhaps it’s a mindset thing, usually is! I wonder if there’s a way I could structure this to minimise the parts I don’t want to do…

Any ideas 🤔?

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