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Free the Wage Slave Podcast

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Helen Chorley's most open and vulnerable interview for a special featured episode on the Free the Wage Slave podcast is out today!

Helen agreed to do this because she trusts the host Skye Khilji, a former corporate insurance wage slave, who now travels the world year round working from his laptop.

He started the Free The Wage Slave Podcast to help frustrated nine to fivers get out of the rat race and succeed working for themselves.

In part one of the interview, you'll hear about the childhood that created the curiosity and competitiveness in the young Helen, her career in dancing and becoming British ballet champion, attending Oxford University and navigating the class divide there.

You’ll also hear about Helen stepping onto the trading floor and my view of women and how they succeed in male-dominated industries (which she is still in!) and the catalyst moment where she realized she had to leave the banking industry and leave behind her lucrative career as a Vice President at J.P Morgan.

Last of all, and best of all, you'll hear the story of how Helen got out just a few months before the 2008 crash of the financial markets #timing

There's so much in this episode, Helen is really excited for you to hear it and hope you enjoy in. Free the Wage Slave podcast is available on, Spotify and Apple. Listen to two part episode of the this amazing interview below.

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