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Having our shit together

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Last week someone told me I look like I always 'have it together.'

Ummm... 😂☠️😳🥴

I was thinking “if only they knew!” 😂

On another meeting the same week, I was discussing feeling like I'm in the quagmire, the 'grey of life' and how draining that can be 😅😂

I think it's normal to always believe everyone else has their sh*t together, and we're the ones scrabbling around, trying to make sense of it all 🧠. I'm pretty sure I think it about other people too.

I think it's human, but the problem with this is that it puts pressure on all of us. To be projecting this efficient, calm image all the time. And it puts people on pedestals.

And this SO goes for business, as well as all other areas of our lives 🖥💰🔮📈❤️

Also, what is 'having it together'? That's a projection too. None of us really knows, it's all in the MIND and the mindset.

I always want to make sure I'm being #real, and telling it how it really is. I would dread to think of someone thinking I was smashing it all the time. I'm just not 😳

None of us is perfect, nor ever will be!

I love this quote:

'We're all just walking each other home.' ~ Ram Dass


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