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What money beliefs did you inherit from your parents? 😬😂

Many of us happily swear by the things we learnt about money growing


‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’ (work hard to get it)

‘Respect money and you’ll always have enough’

And so on.

Some of us (me!) needed to change one or two (urgently and drastically!) so that we actually engage with money in healthy ways. And stand a chance to make some!

‘Money is the root of all evil’ (sounds dramatic and doubtful to have this, but you’d be surprised how many people subconsciously believe this!) ⚔️

‘You have to have money to make money’ 🤑

‘I have no control over whether I become wealthy or not’ 🧐

‘I’m not good with money’ 🤓

‘I can either do what I love, or make money.’ 😔

Who has/used to have one or more of these? 👆

What about these more grey area ones?

‘Money makes people happy’ (well, if the outcome of making money does etc etc, is that true?)

‘Money hurts people’ (well it can do #hellosubprimemortgages)

Would love to know what you’ve discovered or had to change about your money mindset, let me know!

Image via Thrive Global - Kyle Cease The Illusion of Money

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