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We are the Property Sisters. We do things differently...

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Our Property Sisters Christmas meetup… this really was a highlight of my recent “pop” back to London.

Not only was it lovely to catch up with good friends, to meet some Sisters IRL for the first time (!) (even though we feel like we know each other so we’ll already 🤗) but also to hear what a difference this group of wonderful women has made.

I had an amazing chat with a Little Sister who told me about the very real impact that having a community of women who are there for advice, for guidance or even just to listen, has had on her during lockdown; “it kept me sane” she said 😍 (cue me getting emotional again 🥺)

One thing I wish we had done that day is read out our mission statement, by @ruth, below - because this says it all…. it kind of just reflects everything about our community at Property Sisters UK.

Love you girls ;)

“We want to change the world of property one brick at a time, we want to bring emotional intelligence to the table, we want to bring better housing to the U.K., we want to do right by people and pay our investors back - always!

We want to think about mental health in the way people live, we want to create safe living environments for tenants and owners to enjoy - it's not just about the money, it's about being able to live a life where you do good.

We are property sisters!

We do things differently!”

~ Ruth Hobbs

🦁🐆🦩🦄 💥

@claire @karolina

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